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Manufacturer Guarantees

Become a Mécanipneu dealer and fully benefit from manufacturer guarantees.

Mécanipneu dealers benefit from national guarantees offered by tire manufacturers as well as road risk protection plans. All Mécanipneu dealers honour these guarantees.

Protected Territory

Become an Mécanipneu dealer and benefit from a protected territory.

There are three Mécanipneu service categories: dealer, wholesaler and commercial. A dealer can offer one, two or three of these categories, based on his territory potential. A dealer's territory is protected. There will only be one Mécanipneu business of each category per given territory.

Outstanding client service

Become a Mécanipneu dealer and benefit from an outstanding customer service.

Mécanipneu puts at the disposal of dealers a quality customer service, capable of quickly and efficiently meeting their needs. Through a simple and performing paperless system via the Mécanipneu Internet site, dealers have access to an inventory verification system, on-line orders, quick delivery and simplified invoicing.

Other services are also available, such as discounts on credit card fees, access to bids for group insurance plan as well as consumer financing with quick credit checks.

Place of Choice in the Decision-Making Process

Become a Mécanipneu dealer and contribute to your group's success.

Mécanipneu gives an essential role to each dealer. He has access to all group data, such as the total volume of purchases with manufacturers, base discounts, year-end bonuses, etc. This transparency leads each dealer to be involved in the group's decision-making process and contribute to its development and success.

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