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Start-Up Assistance Program

Become a Mécanipneu dealer and have access to an outstanding start-up assistance program.

The Mécanipneu start-up assistance program is offered to all dealers who join the group. Membership fees are used to cover expenses for an outdoor sign, various indoor identifications and uniforms, costs for assistance in the layout of a showroom inside the building as well as expenses linked to advertising media necessary to the dealer's success. Each new Mécanipneu dealer benefits from an additional discount on his original order so he is able to build his base inventory.

Product Purchasing Alliances 

Become a Mécanipneu dealer and benefit from an unbeatable purchasing power.

Mécanipneu offers to dealers the industry's best volume discounts through the consolidation of their purchases. Each dealer's bonus volume is based on the percentage of product purchases made through the Mécanipneu group. Even with a minimum percentage of purchases made at Mécanipneu, the dealer obtains the industry's best bonus volume and sees his costs reduce… and his profits increase.

Commercial Assistance Program

Become a Mécanipneu dealer and benefit from the group's resources

Having all the necessary resources to support dealers in their business activities, Mécanipneu offers a plan adapted to the needs of each dealer as well as assistance in advertising development. Dealers have access to various promotional advantages, interesting offers linked to programs from all Mécanipneu manufacturers and the order of flyers personalized to their business name via their group's customer service or Internet site.


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